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Step 'N Tilt Spike Lawn Aerator Version 4 Kit (3.75 Inch Spike Tines Without Container)

Step 'N Tilt Spike Lawn Aerator Version 4 Kit (3.75 Inch Spike Tines Without Container)

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  • ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED. Step ‘N Tilt is fast and easy to use. Simply step and tilt. This patented lawn aerator (U.S. Patents 8714275 & 11147202) makes spike aeration easy and enjoyable for do-it-yourselfers and professional landscapers. The tilting motion is easier on your shoulders and backs. Its larger stepping surface improves operator comfort.
  • For use in areas with grass only. Creates 3.75" deep, 0.47" diameter holes in the ground. The tines may be sharpened with a grinding stone or file when dull.
    Spike aerator tines are especially suited for sandy soil.  Please consider purchasing compatible core aerator tines if you wish to aerate clay soil. Make sure the soil is moist. The soil is too dry if the tines are unable to penetrate the ground. Please remember to aerate when the soil is MOIST only.
  • Step 'N Tilt is designed for operators between 4-feet and 6-feet 5-inches tall. Recommended minimum operator weight to use one set and two sets of tines are 80lbs and 150lbs, respectively. Please begin by using one set of tines only regardless of your weight. You may use two sets of tines after you have gained enough experience and if you weigh more than 150lbs. Two sets of tines are significantly more difficult to use than one set of tines.
  • Step 'N Tilt is recommended for aerating small yards or areas not accessible by motorized lawn aerators. It can be used to aerate large yards but will require significantly longer time and effort than a motorized lawn aerator.
  • The Step ‘N Tilt lawn aerator’s advantages:
    • Step and tilt motion is easier on your shoulders and lower back when compared with traditional manual lawn aerators
    • Create up to eight holes at a time
    • One size fits all
    • Replaceable aerator tines
    • Larger stepping surface to improve operator comfort
    • May also be used as a handtruck to move heavy items

The Step 'N Tilt Lawn Aerator is very effective at alleviating soil compaction problems. Simply step on the platform to insert aerator tines into the ground and tilt the handle bar back to remove the tines from the ground - it's that effortless and easy! An additional bonus: The Step 'N Tilt Lawn Aerator also functions as a handtruck.

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