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Mess Stopper

Mess Stopper®, 4 Medium, 10 Small Sizes, Round

Mess Stopper®, 4 Medium, 10 Small Sizes, Round

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  • Mess Stopper® is most commonly used to prevent oil leaks and contamination when servicing equipment and machinery. Its gradual taper allows it to fit a variety of hole sizes so it eliminates the need to keep and store the right size plugs and caps. 

    • Simply push and twist to insert. For unpressurized systems only.
    • No need to keep or search for the right size plug or cap – Mess Stopper® fits a wide range of sizes. Operating temperature: -10⁰F to 200⁰F or -23⁰C to 93⁰C
    • Prevents oil leaks and waste. Keeps equipment and oil clean and free of contaminants.
    • Mess Stopper® is made of oil-resistant NBR rubber and silicone-free. It is resistant to most oil and chemicals such as conventional and synthetic lubricating and hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, pure gasoline, diesel fuel, ethylene glycol coolants, and water. It has short-term resistance to ethanol blended fuel and brake fluids. To ensure compatibility, always test the Mess Stopper™ for fluid resistance by immersing it in the fluid and observing for degradation.
    • High visibility "Hi-Viz" green/yellow color helps to remind you of the unconnected hoses, ports, and fittings during reassembly
    • Fits hoses, tubing, pipes, ports, and many types of fittings including JIC 37⁰ flare, 45⁰ flare, push-on, and SAE O-ring. May be cut to desired length with a utility knife or scissors. For industrial, farm, commercial, and DIY use.
    • The two holes in the stopper head allow for the use of a needle nose plier to access tight spaces and/or achieve a more secure grip in oily/slippery situations.
    • Small size fits hole size range: 3/64” to 1/2” or 1mm to 13mm in diameter
    • Medium size fits hole size range: 5/16” to 1” or 8mm to 26mm in diameter
    • Large size fits hole size range: 1/2” to 1-1/2” or 12mm to 38mm in diameter
    • Includes a slider zip bag to keep your Mess Stopper clean during storage
    • Mess Stopper® is a registered trademark of Vibrant Yard Company LLC in the United States of America.
    • U.S. Patent D941,882

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