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Step 'N Tilt Core Lawn Aerator Version 4 Kit (4.5 Inch Extra Long Coring Tines with Soil Core Container)

Step 'N Tilt Core Lawn Aerator Version 4 Kit (4.5 Inch Extra Long Coring Tines with Soil Core Container)

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  • The extra long coring tines will create 4.5" deep, 0.79" diameter holes in the ground.
  • ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED. Step ‘N Tilt® is faster and easier to use than other manual aerators. Simply step and tilt. This patented lawn aerator makes core aeration easy and enjoyable for do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) and professional landscapers. The tilting motion is easier on your shoulders and backs. Its larger stepping surface improves operator comfort.
  • For use in areas with grass only; tines will clog if used in bare soil. All coring lawn aerators require that the soil be VERY moist. This Step 'N Tilt® is no exception. Please aerate one day after at least one inch of rain or irrigation. If you have a sprinkler system, each sprinkler zone will need to run for 60-90 minutes. In other words, the soil must be very moist. Question: Why must I wait one day? Answer: Because it takes time for water to be absorbed into the soil, particularly clay soil.
  • Step ‘N Tilt ® is designed for all kinds of soil, including heavy clay soil - make sure the soil is very moist but not wet. If the tines clog, the soil may be too dry or too wet for aeration. If the tines are unable to penetrate the ground and clogging, the soil is definitely too dry. Please remember to aerate when the soil is VERY MOIST only. A soil core remover is included. The aerator tines are case-hardened for extra durability. The tines may be sharpened or replaced when worn.
  • Step 'N Tilt® is designed for operators between 4-feet and 6-feet 5-inches tall. Recommended minimum operator weight to use one set and two sets of tines are 80lbs and 150lbs, respectively. Please begin by using one set of tines only regardless of your weight. You may use two sets of tines after you have gained enough experience and if you weigh more than 150lbs. Two sets of tines are significantly more difficult to use than one set of tines.
  • Step 'N Tilt® is recommended for aerating small yards or areas not accessible by motorized lawn aerators. It can be used to aerate large yards but will require significantly longer time and effort than a motorized lawn aerator. 
  • Differences between version 4 and version 3: Step ‘N Tilt version 4 comes with aerator tines that are electro-zinc plated whereas version 3 comes with tines that are powder coated. In addition, the aerator tines of version 4 have a slightly different shape than those of version 3.
  • This unit comes with an optional soil core container. The soil core container allows you to collect soil cores during lawn aeration. Its primary purpose is to improve the ground level or drainage of your yard without killing the grass. By collecting soil cores from areas that are high and disposing the soil cores to areas that are low, you will gradually improve the ground level or drainage of your lawn over a period of several aeration seasons.
  • The Step ‘N Tilt lawn aerator’s advantages:
    • Step and tilt motion is easier on your shoulders and lower back when compared with traditional manual lawn aerators
    • Create up to four holes at a time
    • One size fits all
    • Replaceable aerator tines
    • Larger stepping surface to improve operator comfort
    • Keeps your shoes clean by deflecting soil cores away
    • Ability to collect soil cores when the optional container is used
    • May also be used as a handtruck to move heavy items

The Step 'N Tilt Lawn Aerator is very effective at alleviating soil compaction problems. Simply step on the platform to insert aerator tines into the ground and tilt the handle bar back to remove the tines from the ground - it's that effortless and easy! The Step 'N Tilt Lawn Aerator is a true core aerator, not a spike aerator. Core aeration is a proven lawn aeration method recommended by lawn experts and university extension services worldwide. Its highly engineered hollow core aerator tines are extremely effective at extracting soil cores while creating 4.5" deep, 0.79" diameter holes in the ground. The sharpen-able, replaceable, and recyclable carbon steel aerator tines are case-hardened for extra durability. The package includes a soil core removal tool. An additional bonus: The Step 'N Tilt Lawn Aerator also functions as a handtruck.

U.S. Patent 8714275, U.S. Patent 11147202, U.S. Patent D1027582, UK Design Number 6152191, and EU Community Design Number 008638126-0001.

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